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See it in Action

See how Design League platform could be integrated to different industries. We invite you to have a look at the example solutions.


Each solution uses different modules. Some are for organizing design competitions, others for content management, and some for building databases.


A' Design Award & Competitions

Competition Organization - The A' Design Award, the premium award for design, uses the Design League platform to organize a fully functional design competition with many unique features such as automated marketing and pr modules. They are using the enterprise package and DCP service. Visit A' Design Award and Competition website here.


Light Art in Italy

Collecting Submissions - Light Art in Italy, the book for light art installations and works in Italy, uses the Design League platform to collect entries using the platform with their unique requirements, furthermore the platform generates the preview of all the bookpages automatically. They are using a modified version of the media package. Visit Light Art in Italy website here.


DesignAmid Magazine

Content Management - DesignAmid Magazine is a crowd-sourced design magazine that publishes both the editorial content and articles from other authors, the Design League platform helps the Design Amid magazine to collect article submissions and to manage them through an automated system. They are using a unique module designed for them. Visit DesignAmid Magazine website here.


Design Mediators

HR Module - Design Mediators, the company that forms a bridge between designers and companies uses the Design League platform to collect designers details, to make a portfolio and to provide a way for companies to check the designers works. They are using a modified version of the promo package. Visit Design Mediators website here.


Design League platform makes it easy to integrate the designers, end-users and companies together in thousands of possible ways. If you can imagine, Design League can do it.