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The Design League is an information technology platform especially aimed to connect designers, end-users and institutions together by means of interactive systems and services all together.


Design League Platform has several core modules satisfying different needs; Human Resources Module, Trend Analysis and Design Research Module, Product Configuration Module, Design Outsourcing Module, Branding and Marketing Module. These modules are combined and presented together as a "Design Competition". Each module satisfies different business goals and further modules can be designed upon request. Implementations of the modules are done by our service experts who configure the platform to match the exact needs of our clients.


Human Resources Module

This module allows the creation and management of designer’s database for recruitment or collaboration purposes. The module can collect biography, curriculum vitae and designs. Profile pages for designers among with their portfolios can be generated. Managers can vote on designers or designs. Designers can be called upon to submit works based on a brief. Using the module, design competitions can be organized to reach further designers to include in the database. Demographics can be generated.


Product Configuration Module

Using this module end-users, internal users or invited professionals can deeply configure a product or service. A preview can also be provided. For example, customers can pre-configure a product by choosing different material, color, and size options for distinct components, and the system could render a preview. Statistics and most common choices for distinct components can be generated to have insights on preferences. Designers or Managers can also vote on others configurations. Design competitions can be organized to attract further end-users. See an Example Configurator for Textile Industry.


Design Outsourcing Module

This module can be used to collect design ideas from outsider designers, design studios and freelancers. The module works by organizing a design competition where designers are invited to join and submit their designs given a brief. The module helps creating a good brief. Submissions can be made public or hidden, voting can be public or jury based. The module can also be used to run design tenders.


Branding and Marketing Module

This module works by organizing a unique design competition with the aim of improving brand visibility and reach. Depending on brand positioning and aims, different types of design competition can be organized. Can be used to; collect demographics information regarding clients, to reach new clients and also to improve the company image as a design oriented company that also connects with its customers in a positive way.


Design League platform has many more modules and each of these modules above can be integrated together, the power of the system is its high configurability which in return will answer the exact needs of your brand.