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Implementation of the Design League Platform is easy and fast. Our experts will configure the product to match your brand identity and mission.


Implementation usually takes a month, Design League experts will set-up all the functionality for you. We will be meeting with your directors and managers to fully understand the exact needs and will build added modules if necessary.


Implementation Procedure

The modules are usually implemented in the final form of a design award, competition, conference or other event that is designed for the purpose. The First step of integration is your brief: What you want to achieve and how you want to achieve these goals (See Business Models and Products). Second step is our counter-brief: We develop the specialized framework and point out how we can incorporate it to your existing structure. Third step is realization of the agreed framework given by the brief and counter-brief. The fourth step is execution: Helping your institution to run the platform. The platform is always designed in a way to minimize long-term expenses; i.e. easy to sustain and operate, with minimum amount of staff required.