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There is always a tailor-fit perfect package that can fit your needs. The strength of the Design League platform is its highly configurability and the ability to develop new modules that could satisfy the niche needs of your institution in a reasonably fast and efficient way.


Design Competition Organization

Design League can be used for Design Competition Organization. Many modules (as explained in the overview) are run and managed as a design competition to ease the integration. In a well-organized design competition, designers earn credibility, fame, self-improvements, career improvements and money, and their projects are realized. Design Studios earn fame, credibility and prestige, their projects are realized, and tenders are won. Organizers reach their goals, for example by supporting design community with such involvement, advertising themselves, getting insights on new trends, getting new ideas, forming connections with potential clients and new employees etc. Jury members gain credibility, fame and money. People on the street have better life, by improving life quality thanks to new innovations, products or projects that arise from the competition. People on the street enjoy good design, in form of finished products, projects or only as publications, and gain new insights. Especially, from the designer’s point of view, design competitions provide a great opportunity to build up a portfolio where the designed projects and works also have an opportunity to be realized therefore participation is usually much more higher than any type of other campaigns.


Design Competition Platform Building

Design Competition Platforms (DCP) are special interactive systems which lets enterprises to open or run design competitions easily and cheaply and repeatedly. Enterprises utilizing DCPs benefits from the existing user-base which are already registered members of such platforms, plus DCPs also provide all the necessary functionality to run an online design competition; such as creating profiles, uploading designs, reviewing or rating them, and so on so forth and usage is also easy with competition creation wizards. In most cases, you can configure many settings such as award prizes, the brief and several additional options, and in some, you use a forum or bbs to post competitions. It is important to note that design competitions that focus on fields in which designs could be represented in 2D are quickly gaining ground; special DCPs are in rise for graphic design and other fields where graphic design plays a prominent role such as t-shirt designs where a base t-shirt is provided and designers are asked to create a graphic only. Logo design is the most common competition type in such platforms followed by stationary, webpage-templates and 2D packaging. A last thing to note that some of these platforms are specializing in different fields, and now there exists new business models for the “after-markets” of them; you can sell “unselected” designs in “garage-sale” marketplaces for design, again second-hand, or “unpackaged” logo designs; that were designed but never used are highly available for relevantly lower prices.


Design League platform has many more modules and each of these modules above can be integrated together, the power of the system is its high configurability which in return will answer the exact needs of your brand.